Challenges of Ending a Long-Term Marriage

Asset and Retirement Division

When parties have been married for more than two decades, property has usually become so commingled, it is difficult to determine, what, if any, has remained as a separate asset. Retirement assets are often both separate and marital, having been in existence at the time of the marriage. At Michelle M. Maciorowski Law, LLC, we work to value these assets properly, along with the growth on the separate value, in order to effectuate a proper division. (more…)

Financial Strain and Terminating a Marriage

Prior to, and during a marriage, parties acquire debt. When parties find themselves financially overextended, it cause stress in a marriage. In a divorce or dissolution, division of debt can be complicated.  While some debt is separate, if acquired prior to the marriage, or is related to the educational costs of one party, marital debt must be divided upon termination of a marriage.

It is the equitable division of marital debt, and marital assets, that can complicate the legal process. At Maciorowski Law, we can help you navigate the complexities of properly assigning separate debt and allocating marital debt.